Green Oil

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green oil720

Off the back of my last post about commuting by bicycle, I wanted to write a quick post about my new favourite bike product…Green Oil. If you take a look on the back of the majority of bike maintenance products you’ll see an array of logos indicating how harmful the products are to the environment.

A Pedal In The Right Direction

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It”s good to see that Colin Beavan a.k.a. The No Impact Man tweeting about global ecological issues and more importantly pointing out the positive aspects that some countries are implementing. I plan to post about a few of Colin’s comments including an interesting one about Helsinki’s planned transport system, but for today’s post I thought… Read more »

The Plight Continues…

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Previously I wrote about the plight of the honey bee and the environmental and economic impact it’s struggle is having on the world. Although sadly a cure for the issue has yet been discovered, I’m pleased to see that the White House has formed a task force to tackle the decline of the honey bee.