Eco-friendly Websites and Hosting by 3cohosting.

We are an ethical, customer focused web hosting and design company delivering an environmentally friendly web hosting solution using carbon offsetting projects and renewably sourced electricity.

Web Design

Making an excellent first impression is vital in business. Your website should be one of the most efficient and effective methods for communicating with both your potential and established customers.

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Eco-friendly Hosting and Wordpress hosting

We have recently stopped selling our hosting products online.
Instead, we have decided to focus on our strengths of customer service and continuing to build relationships with our clients. If you would like our help getting a web presence and think we could work together please feel free to start up a conversation, we'd love to hear from you.

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What's So Special About 3cohosting's Eco-hosting?

We manage our CO2 usage

To keep our CO2 usage to a minimum we use a data centre (Pulsant data centre, Maidenhead) that only consumes renewably sourced electricity and not fossil fuel sourced electricity. As 3cohosting are striving to make our hosting the greenest available. We know this is important to our business, our ethos and to you.

We know it's difficult to track the amount of C02 we use, we aren't mad sceintists counting molecules of carbon as they are created, we take the average servers energy consumption and use this to compute our carbon footprint. Then we over estimate our C02 usage which allows us to confidentally state that all the web sites we host are carbon neutral.

We offset our carbon footprint

To play our part in tackling climate change, we have teamed up with ClimateCare to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from our business. ClimateCare fund projects that reduce emissions through energy efficiency and renewables around the world, reducing global carbon emissions.

We put you in control

All our hosting accounts come with industry leading cPanel, this is one of the most popular and widely-used control panels for managing websites. With cPanel you can easily control your email, databases, apps and security.

Your cPanel installation comes with both Installatron AND Softaculous! This gives you the power to install over 300 open source applications with 2 of the best '1 Click' installers on the market.

Powerful and green

Your website will be hosted on custom built Dual Quad Core Xeon processors that utilise 48GB of ram. Multi tier RAID1 disks in combination with SSD (Solid State Drives) means top performance for your site. The operating system is Cloud Linux which is a lightweight virtualized environment that cocoon's each users hosting account in their own bubble, this means no single user can hog the resources of the entire server. So your website will be responsive, fast and will be able to handle the most demanding apps.

Read What Our Customers Say

3cohosting designed our website and logo, they got us online in no time. They also arranged for all our cakes to be photographed, the pictures were great and they fit in with the website brilliantly. Really pleased with the end result.