WordPress Passwords and 2 step Authentication

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In today’s connected world everyone should be aware of online security. Usually the weakest point in our online security is our password. WordPress is secure, they have regular security updates and go to great lengths to keep your content safe but frankly it’s all a big waste of time if someone can find or guess your… Read more »

Breaking the Bag Habit

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Surfers Against Sewage Logo

Shop carrier bags (known as single use plastic bags) are one of the most damaging litter items in the UK.  Studies have found that the average person uses 133 carrier bags per year, resulting in a staggering 224 bags being given out every second.

Turbo Tree Planting

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Nascar Green Logo

It’s not often you think “eco” when you hear the word “motor sport” mentioned, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me, “3co’s virtual tree planter”, that American stock car racing giants NASCAR have a website devoted to the eco side of the sport.

The Plight of the Honey Bee

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Bee & Flower

The poor honey bee has been struggling now for a good few years.  It’s really sad that it’s future across the globe seems threatened.  These fantastic creatures do so much more for our own ecosystem and the environment than we humans do.  Yet despite the fact that our entire crop growing economy relies on them… Read more »

Worn Wear

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Here’s a lovely little film from the environmentally conscious clothing company Patagonia.  It’s called Worn Wear and tells the tales of different customers who have worn and repaired their Patagonia clothing.  It’s nice to see a clothing company promoting repairing what you have rather than buying something new.  As usual with Patagonia, it’s shot beautifully.