3cohosting CDN Test

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The purpose of this test was to see what effect 3cohosting’s managed pro web hosting would have on a normal WordPress install.
For the speed test I used webpagetest.org, it has an impressive array of features and you can test your site from multiple locations worldwide. It even lets you choose which browser you’d like to use for the testing.

For this test I selected Montreal, Canada with IE8 (I’m more of a Google Chrome person to be honest but IE8 is widely used and still very popular).

Emmlow.com is a standard WordPress install with only 1 additional plugin which was for youtube (there is an embedded video of some cute puppies on the site). The site isn’t huge but it is image intensive. It was being hosted on our eco friendly WordPress hosting package (which is only £40 per year!) I didn’t expect the site to be slow as 3cohosting’s infrastructure is pretty impressive anyway.

Remember, first test with no CDN and no 3cohosting optimisations ….


First View Load Time: 5.122s Well, to be honest that’s pretty good. I didn’t expect it to be as quick as that for this type of blog (it’s just a hobby site) I’m sure 90% of owners would be happy with that. I’m in the 10% though, I like speedy websites.

So, now it was time to turn on the CDN and test again, same settings….


The results were good, just over 4 seconds

Drilling in to the webpagetest.org results showed me where improvements were needed, to most people I’m sure it’s just mumbo jumbo but I put some time and effort in to all the details it highlighted then added a few more tweaks to the site and a couple of well-chosen 3cohosting plugins….

I was eager to see if the results were worth the effort….time for the second run. Same webpagetest.org settings: IE8 in Montreal, Canada…


First View Load Time: 3.071s!! That’s a whopping 39.85% quicker!!!

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