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Breaking the Bag Habit

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Shop carrier bags (known as single use plastic bags) are one of the most damaging litter items in the UK.  Studies have found that the average person uses 133 carrier bags per year, resulting in a staggering 224 bags being given out every second.

The majority of these bags are of course plastic and don’t biodegrade.  Instead they fragment into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic, over hundreds and thousands of years.  I’m as guilty as the next man for taking a bag when I’ve not always needed one, but the thought of all those bags I’ve used and thrown away still being around in some land fill when my kids grandchildren are alive is a horrible thought.

In September 2013 the government advised it planned to add a 5p bag charge on each single use carrier.  Sadly this will not come into effect until 1 October 2015, which is why this pledge has been created.  By pledging to refuse single use bags at UK supermarkets from today onwards you will personally reduce bag use by 197 bags before the 5p bag charge is introduced on 1st October 2015.

I’ve decided to purchase some nice eco-friendly re-usable shopping bags that are much nicer to carry, don’t tear and well frankly look nice too.  If this is a subject you’d like to know more about or if you want to sign up to the pledge, why not have a read of the following website:

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