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Off the back of my last post about commuting by bicycle, I wanted to write a quick post about my new favourite bike product…Green Oil. If you take a look on the back of the majority of bike maintenance products you’ll see an array of logos indicating how harmful the products are to the environment.

Sadly a lot of these products, such as de-greaser, oil and grease are required by a cyclist to keep the bike in working order. Buying and more so using the products has always been contradictory for me as one of the reasons I chose to commute by bike was to help the environment, yet the oil I use to lubricate it is harmful to it.

Enter Green Oil, a company created specifically for this reason. Green Oil contains no PTFE or petrochemicals and is created instead using a blend of 21 different plants. It comes in a plastic bottle created from post consumer and post industrial recycled plastic, resulting in a variety of coloured bottles with each batch produced. I have to admit I like this aspect a lot.

Often in cases like this the eco-product does not live up to the hype and it’s non-eco rival out-performs it’s green foe. I’m pleased to say that with the Green Oil chain lube I bought this is not the case. The product works really well. So well in fact that I plan to purchase the other products that Green Oil supply, including a lovely looking bike brush which just happens to be the worlds first FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified bike product.

It’s not just myself who seems to like the products either, Green Oil have won a whole host of mountain bike, cycling and green awards as well as being finalists in the Guardian’s Sustainable Business Awards 2014.

I’ll post more about the products I purchase from Green Oil, until then if you have a bike I strongly recommend trying their products.

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